His Funeral

The capital of San Salvador was already a violent place but after the assassination of the archbishop Oscar Romero things got particularly bad in the city. After the assassination seventeen bombs went off in the city, killing many people. After this the world heard about the assassination and everyone suspected the El Salvador Government. The government denied any involvement in the murder. There were many investigations carried out in an attempt to find the killers but no one was ever prosecuted.
Oscar Romero was buried at the Metropolitan cathedral of San Salvador. 250,000 people attended his funeral to show their respect to this modern martyr. During the funeral a bomb exploded in Cathedral square were many people were. Then shots were fired into the crowd. Between 30 and 50 people were killed. Some people at the scene claimed that it was the San Salvadorian armed forces that threw the bombs. Some other people claimed that they saw army sharpshooters in the surrounding buildings. It is very possible that
 know one will ever know who interrupted the funeral. In the next two years 35,000 Salvadorans perished.  Fifteen per cent of the population was driven into exile.  Two thousand simply “disappeared.” In 1983 Pope John Paul II prayed at Romero's grave. The message was clear the Pope had given his imprimatur to all that Romero had stood up for.

Oscar Romero has been recommended for recognition as a saint.


Narration of His Funeral
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This is a picture of people at his funeral.

This is a picture of The Metropolitan Cathedral of San Salvador.

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