His Childhood

 Oscar Romero born in 15th of August in 1917 in Ciudad (city in Spanish) Barrios in El Salvador (see page El Salvador). 

  His father was called Santos Romero and was in charge of a local telegram office and acted as a postman for the region. The office were he worked was part of Oscar Romero’s life and home and for his brothers and sisters it was very busy most of the time they live there.  

  He was the scond oldest and only younger to his older brother Gustavo. His other five brothers and sisters are Zaida, Romulo, Mamerto, Arnoldo and Gasper but his sister called Aminta died very soon after birth.

  There was very little chances to get education but when he was old enough to go to the local school which taught the first three grades for people up to 10 or 11 he went and got education.

  When he left school, his family got a personal teacher for him who was called Anita Iglesias who taught lots of subjects but it cost a lot of money to pay her. As well as this education, his father taught him how to play the bamboo flute and his father wanted him to be an apprenice of the local carpenter.


Narration of his childhood
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